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ALeRT BETTOR Protection System

Safer Gambling Software

Responsible Gambling Risk and Harm Prevention

The ALeRT BETTOR Protection System is your trusted Safer Gambling Software solution that identifies at-risk behaviours that could lead to gambling harm now or in the future. Our cutting-edge software is the key to ensuring safer gambling practices and protecting both players and operators, while meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements for a responsible gambling environment.

ALeRT BETTOR Protection System

Why Choose the ALeRT BETTOR Protection System?


Now in over 400 venues globally, ALeRT is a proven, powerful solution to fully manage safer gambling and customer interaction initiatives, including precise dashboard and player analytics, interactions reporting and management reporting.

In addition, ALeRT provides broad coverage of a full suite of products, including pokies, video lottery, slots, electronic roulette, table games, sports betting, racing, etc.

Safer (Responsible) Gambling Software

ALeRT is dedicated to preventing gambling risks and harms. We identify at-risk players, facilitate meaningful customer interactions, and measure the positive impact on reducing risks and harms.

Safer Gambling Management

Trusted by over 400 venues worldwide, ALeRT empowers you to manage your safer gambling initiatives with confidence. Our precise dashboards and player analytics, interactions reporting, and management reporting make responsible gaming a breeze.

Comprehensive Coverage

ALeRT provides player protection for, games such as slots, electronic roulette, table games, sports betting, and more.

Advanced Algorithms for Safer Play

Our custom-built algorithms continuously monitor, record, and log player interactions, allowing you to review play history and behaviours comprehensively.

Stay Compliant, Stay Secure

ALeRT ensures you stay compliant with industry regulations and reporting requirements, whether you operate in the land-based or online gambling sphere. It’s your trusted Gambling Compliance Tools solution.

Efficient Integration

ALeRT is flexible and integrates with your preferred browser, database, and single sign-on provider, saving you valuable time and resources.

Elevated Staff Training

ALeRT BCC also includes practical training programs, including ALeRT BETTOR Customer Care Training, ALeRT Dashboard Training, and Safer Gambling Player Resources to ensure staff are equipped for safer gambling interactions, as well as timely and accurate reporting

ALeRT BETTOR Protection System

Discover the exceptional benefits of the ALeRT BETTOR Protection System

Effectively Prevent Gambling Risks and Harms with our Safer Gambling Software
Evaluate Responsible Gambling Impacts with Confidence
Utilize Custom Built and Advanced Algorithms
Monitor, Record & Log Player Interactions
Review Play History & Behaviours with Ease
Simplify Gambling Compliance & Reporting
Detect Risks in Both Land-based & Online Gambling
Enhance Existing Safer Gambling Solutions
Low Model Costs, High Impact
Optimize Staff Resources Allocation
Comprehensive Online Staff Training
ALeRT BETTOR Protection System

Key Tech Benefits of ALeRT

ALeRT can run multiple models with large data sets and features and functions can be turned on and off depending on an operator’s preference. You can use it with your preferred browser, database, and single sign-on provider– so you don’t need to spend time learning other new software and can easily manage ALeRT staff user roles.

Integrates with other safer gambling systems
ALeRT BETTOR Protection System

Safer Gambling Excellence with ALeRT BETTOR Customer Care to Create a Responsible Gambling Environment

In addition to our ALeRT BETTOR Protection System, operators also receive our full ALeRT BETTOR Customer Care Training Program which provides broad coverage of a full suite of products.

Our mission is straightforward: to enhance responsible gaming practices and create a safer gambling environment. The ALeRT BETTOR Customer Care Training Program is your indispensable partner, complementing your existing policies and staff training efforts.

ALeRT System Training
ALeRT BETTOR Customer Care Training
ALeRT Dashboard Training
Safer Gambling Player Resources
Staff & Manager Guides
ALeRT Newsletters
ALeRT Support
Account Overview / Sign Out
ALeRT BETTOR Protection System

Dashboard and Customer Interaction Video Training

Staff and manager video training is conducted online through your branded ALeRT BETTOR Customer Care Training Portal. 

With ALeRT’s BETTOR Customer Care Video Training, operators can train staff on how to use the ALeRT System and how to better interact with venue patrons.

The video training section of your portal consists of expert-led online training modules for each component of ALeRT BETTOR Customer Care for staff and managers. After each lesson, staff and managers take a short quiz as part of their training to qualify their understanding. In return, your organization can track staff and manager training progress in real-time.

Course 1: Introduction to ALeRT BETTOR Customer Care Training Videos
Course 2: ALeRT BETTOR Customer Care Training Videos
Course 3: ALeRT Dashboard Training
ALeRT BETTOR Protection System

Manager & Staff Guides

Our custom-designed guides simplify the ALeRT BETTOR Protection System and training portal. These resources empower staff and managers to identify at-risk gambling and initiate meaningful customer interactions, while providing the necessary resources and referrals.

Safer Gambling Staff Guide
How to Use The ALeRT BETTOR Customer Care Training Portal
Staff Interaction Levels
ALeRT Managers Dashboard Guide
ALeRT Glossary
ALeRT BETTOR Protection System

Healthy Bottom Line Player Resources

With our Healthy Bottom Line player resources, we recognize the importance of equipping players with the knowledge and tools they need to make informed decisions and safeguard their gambling experience. Our Safer (responsible) Gambling Materials are designed for customers, providing insights into gambling risks and harms, while signposting those with risky play patterns that could lead to long-term issues to the appropriate support services.

Access to Safer Gambling Materials for Informed Choices
Comprehensive Safer Gambling Solutions for Safer Play
Effective Safer Gambling Tools for Proactive Risk Management
Promotion of Safer Gaming Practices
Support for Informed Decision-Making
Customized Resources Tailored for Operators
ALeRT BETTOR Protection System

Extended Help Materials & Support

The ALeRT BETTOR Customer Care Training Portal comes equipped with additional support features and resources to ensure operators are always up to date with the latest news, information, and system changes. 

User Support

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