Focal Research has conducted many different projects involving the use of advanced survey design, implementation, quality control, and survey execution from start to finish to provide clients with accurate insights.

Telephone Surveys

Focal Research data collection staff must all complete an eighteen hour mandatory training program prior to being involved in data collection services. All surveys are fully supervised and are conducted from Focal Research Consultants’ centralized data collection facility. All surveys are 100% edited for accuracy and completeness by the supervisors following completion. Random quality control checks are conducted on an on-going basis throughout the study for all completed surveys. A team of senior staff is maintained for executive level interviews, each of whom participated in specialized training initiatives and will be thoroughly briefed on relevant background and industry information. Staff attempt to schedule appointments at times convenient for respondents to secure their participation, thus, maximizing response rates while maintaining respondent goodwill.

The verbatim responses for all summary tables and open-ended responses are recorded from the commencement of data collection. Coding mastersheets are reviewed daily by the field manager to monitor verbatim assignments. In addition, an on-going random 10% to 15% quality control check is performed on all coding assignments.

The data is entered on a proprietary data entry program customized for the specific study using SPSS or other statistical software packages best suited for client requirements. Data entry is performed concurrently with data collection to maximize data turn-around and allow for preliminary data checks/reviews. Random quality control checks are conducted on 10% to 15% of entered surveys. In addition, the data is submitted to customized data cleaning programs which incorporate logic checks, as well as out of range value checks.

Focal Research Consultants’ experience is that this multi-stage quality control methodology, which incorporates general interviewer training, project-specific briefing, interviewer “front-line” feedback, 100% editing, logic checks and 10% to 15% verification on data collection and data entry maximizes the accuracy of the data and, therefore, the reliability of analysis results provided to our clients.

Mail Surveys

Focal Research has extensive experience conducting mail surveys, both on their own (e.g., Employee Opinion Research, with surveys mailed to 1,200+ employees) and as part of telephone survey methodologies (e.g., Part A/Part B survey methodology with aided recall packages sent to participants in Part A, who then complete a follow-up telephone survey with reference to the package materials).

Online Surveys

Focal Research has the capabilities to design and conduct on-line survey research, both with specific target groups of interest and in combination with other methodologies (e.g., mail/on-line combination, on-line components of Part A/B survey methodologies, etc.).