Recruiting is conducted on-site at Focal’s call facility, using field staff that have been selected based on their professionalism, tone of voice, and ability to put prospective participants at ease.

Recruiting Process

Focal is very much aware that participants are doing the research sector an important service by participating in the research. As a minimum the field staff undergo an extensive 18 hour training course, developed internally, that addresses all aspects of the recruiting process from initial contact to screening to assessing participation potential to confirmation and rescreening the day prior to the groups.

Recruiting is supervised by individuals who have attained the supervisory position by demonstrating superior recruiting skills. The supervisor briefs the field staff on projects, monitors screening criteria, tracks completions, performs quality control checks and prepares the group composition profiles for client review.

Source of Participants

Focal maintains a confidential database of participants that provides for cost effective pre-selection of the recruiting frame. The pre-selection is based on demographics, with project specific screening conducted with each individual contacted. The database is updated after every project, and new entries are made constantly via use of Focal’s proprietary Generic Screener. The primary sources of new entries are cold calls by Focal’s field staff or in-mall recruiting sessions and also through references, all of which are pre-screened (for inclusion in the database) and re-screened for inclusion in the recruiting frame.

Focal also uses client provided lists when these are available or required by the project. These names are not added to Focal’s in house database.

Focal has developed a proprietary method for referral recruiting when recruiting time is tight or the criteria generate a low incidence in the population. This method institutes controls on referral “trees” so that people who know each other are not recruited for the same group.

Visit our Participants page if you would like to join our database to participate in future studies.