Our Services

Focal Research offers an array of services to assist you with any of your projects, small or large, simple or complex. Our team of recognized experts will consult with you to meet all of your research needs and provide you with world class results. Learn all about what we can do for you and the work we have already accomplished below.

From data generated through large scale surveys to using enormous customer databases, we have worked in various sectors using AI, machine learning, and data science to develop powerful models for exploring and predicting human behaviour.

 Conducting leading-edge research in the area of gambling for three decades, Focal has evolved into a world leader in safer gambling and the development of player risk identification models and  tools for risk management, prevention, and player protection.

Focal has designed and conducted research in the public health field, developing advanced methodological and analytical techniques along the way. We collaborate internationally with our population-based research methods applied by industry experts worldwide.

The Focal team is fully experienced in gathering in-depth information from concept design to mapping the customer journey with B2C and B2B end-users using a variety of innovative and proven designs.

Our methodological and analytical skills and experience allow us to fully address all of our clients’ quantitative research needs, from the simplest design to the most complex.

Focal Research has designed and developed a number of targeted diagnostic measures and tools to assist our clients in applying market information to their decision making process, including specialized analyses and customizable software packages.​