Participate in Our Studies

If you like to express your thoughts and opinions and get paid for doing so, you may be interested in joining one of our research panels. Participating in a survey or focus group gives you the opportunity to express your thoughts, opinions and feelings directly to the decision makers within a government department or corporation, and the decisions made could very well have an impact on you or someone you know.

Join Our Database

Focal Research is always looking to refresh our database with individuals that would be interested in participating in an online survey, focus group, taste test or telephone interview. Fill out the information below and we will add you to our confidential and secure database. The information collected is strictly for Focal Research’s use only and will not be shared or sold to any other organization.

Focal research participate in our studies

If you would like to register for participation, please call (902) 454-8856 or fill in the Research Participants Registration Form.

Online Survey

An online survey is merely a survey where the information is collected by logging into a secure proprietary site on the internet. Online surveys can range from a few questions to a very in-depth survey with many questions. The convenience of the online survey is that you can participate when it is convenient for you, and if you need to stop, in most cases you can resume at a later time and pick up right where you left off. In some cases a small token of appreciation maybe paid, such as a gift card or it could be strictly on a volunteer bases, none the less the information gathered can ultimately benefit you or someone you know. For more information on the protection of your personal information view our Privacy Policy pertaining to the collection and handling of electronic data.

Telephone Survey

A telephone survey / interview are simply participating in a survey conducted over the telephone at your convenience. A telephone survey interview is different than a call from a “telemarketer” as a telephone survey interviewer will never try and sell you something. A professional telephone interviewer will respect your privacy and treat you with respect. They will not be aggressive and understand that you have the right to participate or decide not to at anytime. They will be accommodating if there would be a better time for you to participate. A telephone interview can be as short as a few minutes or take upwards of 30 minutes depending on the topic and scope. You will be informed as to how long it is anticipated for the survey to take depending on your responses.

Your identity will remain confidential and all your responses will not be shared with anyone outside the research group, and will remain anonymous. The information will only be used for the purpose intended. See our Privacy Policy for more detailed information with respect to your rights and protection under the Canadian Privacy Commissioner Act.

Focus Group

Let the fun begin! A focus group can be very rewarding, interesting and lots of fun to participate in. A focus group typically will be 6 – 10 individuals that will meet as a group in a “Focus Group Facility”. A “Focus Group Facility” is usually a boardroom that will have microphones and a closed-circuit camera to tape the session. You will be told if any taping will be taking place prior to the start of the session, and if it is chances are that you will completely forget all about it. The room will also have a viewing window (one-way window) for the focus group clients to view the session. Focus group sessions usually run for about 1 ½ hours and could be on just about any topic. You will be pre-screened prior just to insure that it is an area that you will have some knowledge or views on, or that you will have the ability to participate. Topics can be from evaluating company services to being presented with a variety of potential TV advertisements, new website layouts, and products. There could be discussions on health or on educational programs, the list is endless. In just about all cases an incentive is paid out to participants for taking the time to participate.

Taste Test

Taste Tests are usually brand comparisons done for marketing or to improve or develop a product. Typically a participant will taste samples of a product and answer a set of questions about them. It takes about one hour to complete. Since we tend to prefer the things we are most familiar with, participants are not usually told which brands they are tasting.

If you would like to register for participation, please call (902) 454-8856 or fill in the Research Participants Registration Form.