Gambling & Gaming Research

For over 20 years, Focal Research has been working with government, industry and regulators around the work to make gambling safer for players and operators. Piloting ground breaking research in area of gambling since 1998, Focal has evolved into a world leader in responsible gaming and the development of player risk identification models, algorithms and management tools for risk management, prevention, and player protection.

In addition to carrying out large scale gambling prevalence studies, Focal has evaluated gambling behaviour and risk involving large player datasets and panels throughout the world, participating in a series of internationally recognized studies evaluating the impact of responsible gaming initiatives and programs.

In 2005, Focal developed and tested the first commercial models using player loyalty data for detecting high-risk playing patterns for problem gambling with these algorithms implemented in two casino venues at that time. Additionally, the Focal team introduced custom designed RG programming (Healthy Bottom Line and Healthy Choice programs) developing the first player risk identification measures to specifically assess risk for problem gambling in advance of problem development. Focal’s player risk identification tools include FocaL Adult Gambling Screen (FLAGS)©, FocaL Adult Gambling Screen for Electronic Gambling Machines (FLAGS-EGM)© Focals Youth Gambling Risk Screen (FYGRS)© and Focal’s  ALgorithmic Risk Tracking (ALeRT)© system. With Focal’s vast experience and continued research in the area of prevention and risk management, the team consults with clients globally presenting at conferences in Canada and around the world including Australia, Asia, Europe, New Zealand, South Africa, U.K., and USA.